-Adventure Tourism
-Horseback riding, nearby Puerto Natales and within Torres del Paine.
-Kayaking in the Río Serrano, Sofía or Fjord Eberhard.
-Fly fishing trouts or salmons in the Río Serrano
-Transfers - From the airport in Punta Arenas to Puerto Natales - From Puerto Natales to Torres del Paine National Park
-Transfer within the city.
-Regular Tour Guides and Trekking Guides: English, German, Portuguese, Italian.
-Car rental with driver included (optional) in Chile and Argentina.
-City tour, including visit to the historical and natural museums in Puerto Natales and Punta Arenas.
-Visit the Penguin Colony, an excellent option on the way to Puerto Natales.

Arriendo de equipos:
-Tent. Capacity: 3 people. Trademark: Ferrino. Model: Australis 3 
-Tent. Capacity: 2 people. Trademark: Ferrino. Model: Australis 2
-Tent. Capacity: 2 people. Trademark: Ferrino. Model: Lightent 2
- Sleeping bag. Trademark: Doite. Model: Summit (- 10º C)
-Sleeping bag. Trademark: Doite, Model: Trango (-4 º C)
-Camping stove. Trademark: Doite. Model Spider
-Insulating Mat. Trademark: Doite. Model: modelo Wavy
-Kitchen set. Trademark: Ferrino
-Backpack. Trademark: model Kados, 60 litres.
- Backpack. Trademark: model Tundra 80 litres.
-Trekking sticks.



Angamos 600 locales 7 y 8 Pueblo Artesanal.
Fonos: (+56)061-415960 (+56)09-85121344.
Cordenadas 51º43'33" latitud sur. 72º30'05" longitud weste.
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